Wedding Details

Reception update!

We are happy to announce that we will be providing a full meal at our reception, instead of “cake & punch” as stated on the invitation. Don’t worry—we’re still serving cake & punch, too. ;)

Directions & Map

The ceremony and reception will be held at Grace Valley Christian Center, located just west of Davis on Road 98.

Grace Valley Christian Center
27173 Road 98
Davis, CA 95616

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Date & Time

Saturday, July 26, 2008, starting at 10:30am sharp. Come early to ensure you don't miss the processional!

Accommodations has a comprehensive list of hotels and inns in Davis.

The Wedding Party


Maid of Honor—Mary Manaloto
Hanan and Mary blowing bubbles!
Best friend of the bride
Tania Abouezzedine
Hanan and Tania with roses!
Bride’s cousin and childhood partner-in-crime
Erica Corser
Hanan and Erica REPRESENT!
Friend of the bride
Laura Colvin
Hanan and Laura!
Friend and current roommate with the bride
Marie Barruel
Hanan and Marie
Friend of the bride
Melissa Ferguson
Hanan and Melissa
Friend of the bride
Flower Girl—Emma
Hanan and Melissa


Best Man—Tojo Andrianarivo
Aliotsy and Tojo are indie.
The groom's brother and best friend
Justin Lewis
Friend and former roommate of the groom
Simeon Trotter
Aliotsy and Simeon
Friend and former roommate of the groom
Joel Letro
Joel likes ribs.
Friend of the groom
Joel Koshy
Aliotsy and Joel
Friend of the groom
John Killeen
John and Aliotsy's College Bowl nicknames are ...
Friend of the groom
Ring Bearer—James